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Elevate Your Fitness Journey at The Thornhill Club

Discover a state-of-the-art fitness haven at The Thornhill Club, equipped with cutting-edge cardio and weight facilities, two intimate studios for personal training, and a diverse range of classes including our Titleist Performance Institute, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, and more. Our modern facility is designed to provide individuals with a warm, welcoming, and upscale fitness experience.

Our Personal Training Team comprises highly qualified and experienced male and female trainers dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. From personalized goal-setting sessions to challenging, structured workouts, our team is committed to motivating members at every step. Tailored training packages, available in 30 and 60-minute sessions, cater to all abilities and needs.

In addition to our fitness offerings, The Thornhill Club takes pride in hosting a variety of wellness programs for our members, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, athletic therapy, and acupuncture. Our team has successfully assisted countless individuals dealing with severe lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. Whatever your mobility and wellness goals may be, rest assured that we have a customized treatment plan just for you.

Join us in achieving holistic well-being and fitness excellence at The Thornhill Club – where modern amenities, expert guidance, and a commitment to your well-being converge for an unparalleled fitness experience.


We offer a variety of fitness programs, wellness experts and highly qualified personal trainers.
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Fitness at The Thornhill Club comes in many forms. Classes are available in everything from Yoga to Zumba. Experienced and qualified instructors lead all our classes, so whether you are looking for core strength classes or Nia Movement For Life, we will keep you feeling your best.


Pilates is an invigorating low-intensity muscle-strengthening class that meticulously targets the development of robust core musculature. This type of strength training encourages precise, controlled movements, allowing you to ascertain and operate within your body’s natural limits.

Intensity Level: Low to Moderate

Strength & Stability:

The Strength and Stability class concentrates on targeted exercises designed to fortify the core muscle groups, including abdominals, back muscles, and those around the pelvis. This workout enhances overall balance, posture, and provides inner strength, making it an indispensable regimen for everyday life.

Intensity Level: Moderate

Yin/Yang Yoga:

Yin/Yang yoga blends the tranquil pace of Yin with the active principles of Yang, notably Hatha Yoga. This fusion cultivates overall well-being by enhancing energy, fitness, and flexibility, while promoting relaxation and supporting natural healing.

Intensity Level: Low to Moderate


ELDOA is a highly effective regimen for alleviating and gradually rectifying acute and chronic back pain. Regular practice of ELDOA exercises can counteract several risk factors contributing to intervertebral disc degeneration and herniation.

Intensity Level: Low


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) challenges participants to exert maximum effort during short, intense intervals. This class combines bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, cycling, and TRX workouts, engaging both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Intensity Level: High


Our Yoga class seamlessly integrates breath and body, offering a diverse range of poses suitable for all skill levels. Participants will engage in exercises designed to enhance core strength, body balance, flexibility, and mobility, fostering a sense of inner calm and vitality.

Intensity Level: Low to Moderate

Chair Yoga:

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of exercise, adaptable for either seated or standing positions, utilizing a chair for support. This class expands the accessibility of yoga’s benefits to individuals of varying ages, flexibility levels, injuries, or mobility constraints, providing a safe avenue to re-engage with fitness activities.

Intensity Level: Low

Gentle Yoga:

Tailored for yoga novices or those seeking a gentle practice, our Gentle Yoga class integrates unhurried, flowing sequences to warm up the body. Deliberate movements emphasize alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility, facilitating a gradual and soothing introduction to yoga.

Intensity Level: Low

Functional Strength:

The Functional Strength class primes your body for daily activities, enhancing essential physical fitness for real-life scenarios such as bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, and pulling. This intensive 30-minute session optimizes results by focusing on functional movements.

Intensity Level: Moderate to High


Zumba offers a comprehensive workout, encompassing various fitness elements – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility. Energize your fitness routine and leave each class invigorated with boosted energy and a substantial dose of excitement.

Intensity Level: High

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Our Personal Training Team consists of highly qualified and experienced male and female trainers. From assisting with goal setting to challenging your potential during structured training sessions, we are here to motivate members to achieve their health and fitness goals. Training packages of 30 and 60-minute sessions are available to suit all abilities and needs.



Pilates Reformer Training is offered as a private personal training session with Sue. The reformer apparatus will introduce you to the pulley and springs which create the resistance training, essential to Pilates while continuing the principles and foundations of core work. You’ll continue to identify your strengths, weaknesses and take your training to the next level. You will learn a series of reformer exercises targeting your core, back, legs and arms in a three-dimensional way. You’ll feel yourself getting even stronger each week, gain new awareness of strength and correct your posture through core conditioning. Sue will guide you every step of the way.


Golf Fitness Professional, Jeff Hammond has his Level Three Fitness Certification with the Titleist Performance Institute. Jeff seeks to help golfers improve their game through a thorough screening process which analyzes swing mechanics, physical fitness and movement quality. Based on the results of the screening, he designs customized programs to improve mobility, strength and clubhead speed. Not only will your golf game improve – but so will your quality of life!

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